Welcome to Midgard server.

Soon all donations will be released.

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Lineage 2 Midgard - Fafurion
[EVENT] exclusive will be released to our server!

Dear friends!
Big hunt has begun! Event is very simple, all you have to do is hunting mobs and collecting Anniversary coin.
You can trade, drop and delete these coins.

Coins will drop off all over the major hunting areas. Remember that if the level of the monster is below the level of the character by 9 or more (dark blue), the coins will not drop.
Your task is to collect as many Anniversary coins as possible! 

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Bonus for newbies! Start play on Midgard!

Dear Friends! If you are bored to play on your old server and you are looking for new start, it's a perfect time to join the Prelude War x500 Midgard server.
From this weekend all newcomers will receive a bonus for easy start!

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